Multi-Purpose Orthotic for Pet Wellness SizeL


ขนาดรอบอกและรอบเอวสามารถปรับได้ 58-68 Cm.

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     Holding and supporting the pets for walking and standing is critically important for elderly, weakness, musculoskeletal abnormalities, neurological abnormalities and postoperative care patients. Partially or full support to the pets in a correct way promotes muscle training and balancing. Beside rehabilitation, walking and standing stimulates digestive system and benefit to cardiovascular system as well.

     PetWellSuit, multi-purpose orthotic device for holding and supporting the patient, has special design which based on anatomical and force distribution consideration. The structure is designed as X-shape that support the pelvis, unisex and easy excretion. Flexibility design of PetWellSuit can be applied to front and rear supports, acquire two pieces to get full body support. PetWellSuit equipped with soften memory foam and plastic sheet for anti-deformation. PetWellSuitcan be used for rehabilitation, support for walking, lifting and transportation and dog leash purposes.

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